When in Cornwall there are many things that you can do to keep yourself occupied, for example; visit zoo’s, go to sophisticated restaurants and obviously, go surfing. However, you can do this anywhere. So why not do something extraordinary to make your trip memorable? Here are five things you can do to make your trip an exceptional experience for every age and personality:
Crantock Beach: situated in a cosy town just outside of Newquay.

1 For the romantic couples who wish to visit Cornwall,The place to experience is Crantock Beach

During the early twentieth century a woman was flying along the delicate shore on her horse when they both got pulled by a great wave, into the comfort of the sand. The woman’s love arrived, heartbroken and carved a picture of her along with a poem expressing his love and grief for her. Visit this amazing attraction and experience the intense loving atmosphere which still remains today. The romantic setting is frequently visited by couples and families as they experience the notion of love the two had for one another. The poem and image that her lover carved for her so long ago is still visible to view and awakens all the hairs on your spine as you place yourself in the situation of her love releasing him from their relationship with the poem that she will forever be able to read as her waves smack against the shore.

2 A Courtroom Experience:Shire Hall,Bodmin.

If you are looking for a place to provide you with historical and cultural experiences, or to give you an insight about politics before 1988, this is your place to go. The Hall was in use up until 1988 as an active courtroom. It is now open for the public to experience what is was like to be in that kind of environment prior to 1988. You act as the jury and are provided with evidence for the trial and you have to decide the fate for the accused; Matthew Weeks. The accusation is that he has murdered a local girl named Charlotte Dymond. This would be an appropriate place for a wide range of the public, from families, to teenagers and also to old aged pensioners. This activity can be enjoyed for pleasure or for academic reasons. This whole experience will provide you with the atmosphere you would have found in the courtroom and puts you in the mentality of a jury in the 1980’s.

3 Adrenalin Quarry: Liskeard.

This is the place for adrenalin junkies looking for excitement and drama. There are three different activities that can be carried out at this venue. The first one being ‘the UK’s maddest zip wire’ as it is described on the company’s website. As you jump from a 50m cliff you plummet to speeds of around 40mph. This breath-taking jump will take you on the flight of your life as you connect with nature and feel more alive than ever before. There is no age limit to this astonishing adventure, as last year (2012), the youngest to ride was 4 and the oldest to ride was 94. Therefore, it is never too early or too late to take the plunge that will provide you with one of the most thrilling opportunities that Cornwall provides. The other two activities that are available to the public are; a giant swing which sweeps you to 150ft above water level and then jerks you to 80 degrees over the lake, giving you the chance to observe your ecstatic reaction in the reflective waters beneath you. The last of the activities that can be carried out there is coasteering. This organisation is the first to allow children from the age of 10 years old to join in the experience.

4. The Minack Theatre: Porthcurno.

This is an exciting cultural experience for the whole family providing you with relaxation time filled with fantastic entertainment that includes most commonly; opera, drama and musicals. As opposed to some of the other activities that are energetic and require effort and determination, this can be enjoyed whilst sitting back and watching other people do all the work. This again, like most of the activities, is suitable for all ages meaning you can travel in families and it will be appropriate for the whole family. It maybe something that older public members enjoy as it allows them to relax and unwind whilst viewing the drama presented before them. This would be a good experience for people who admire creativity and performance.

5. The Sculpture Workshop: Wadebridge.

This creative experience is open to all the public of all abilities. It allows you to sculpt heads of people who may inspire you, or people who mean a lot to you. The experience consists of a two-hour workshop, in which you are advised by the instructor how to sculpt the face out of the clay. This is a completely different experience to that of any other and will leave you feeling rewarded and proud as you will be surprised how well you sculpt the face.

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